How To Purchase A Car With Subprime Credit in Bucktown IL

subprime auto loans bucktown ilAuto loan financing in a nut shell isn’t hard. You shop around for the best rates and you talk to the bank. Many car dealers in South Chicago have teamed up with credit unions to make it easier for you to get the car financing you need.

Buying a car will help you learn about financial responsibility and building your credit. Now this doesn’t happen over night, building your credit back up takes some time.

But when buying a car in lets say Bucktown IL, we can help you get the best possible rates. Kicking tires can get old. Why not know what your going to get financed for before you kick the tires?

That is what we do best online is get you the financing that fits you. No matter what your credit is, there is an option with us. We work with some of the best subprime credit car dealers in Bucktown IL.

We do want to make vehicle financing easy for you, a lot of car dealers now make it hard, and make you jump through hoops. We want you to drive the  same day you apply.

Auto Loan Terms For Bucktown IL

Here are some of the basic qualifications you need to apply for a bad credit car loan in Bucktown IL.

  1. Must have 3 months’ minimum job time — 6 months for temp jobs — with no more than 2 jobs in the last year
  2. Income must be verifiable. Cash and seasonal jobs do not qualify.
  3. Must have a gross monthly income of $1,235 or higher

Your job is a big deal to how you can pay for the car and we want to make sure you are settled with the price and monthly payment of the car. Lenders do look at the job history and the credit for a new car. Larger down payments can work too.

We Can Help You With Bad Credit Auto Loans


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